In our effort to share who God is in our community, we strive to instill a deep


desire to increase one's faith by worship, small groups, and community.


Our ministry is not necessarily about the local congregation rather, it is more


in witnessing to the wider community about the power of Christ.  We are proud


to be affiliated with the larger United Church of Christ. 


Our philosophy in ministry is to fit into the puzzle that shapes the people and


makea difference by affirming community as essential to one's growth in faith,


after all, we are a family of faith!...  Since becoming a multimedia church, our


enthusiasm to learn God's truths has become infectious.  We absolutely embrace

the use of multimedia simply because it has given us innovative ways to share the

story of God with his people.


No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey~


                                    you are welcome here!


                                           God is still speaking.