Our Mission and Vision Statement of the Custer Community Church

Custer Community Church Mission Statement:

“To build a family of faithful believers through community service, inspiring worship, and a welcoming and inclusive space where people of all ages can grow.”

Custer Community Church Vision Statement:

·  The Custer Community Church will be regarded as the “go-to” church.  We will be widely seen as characterized by being vibrant, open, welcoming, nurturing, and sharing. 

· The Custer Community Church will be a growing church, offering exciting and attractive programming targeted at young families and retirees.  A word of welcome from the Custer Community Church will be one of the first things newcomers to this community receive.  First-time visitors to our church will feel like they’ve come home.

The Custer Community Church will embrace its identity as one of the only Mainline Protestant churches in the community, reaching out to Methodists, Episcopalians,

· and Presbyterians (etc.) whose faith traditions are not otherwise represented.  Other churches will look to our congregation as a role-model for an open, ecumenical, and inclusive practice of faith.

· The Custer Community Church will make ourselves known to non-members in the community through our community service and outreach.  We will listen so as to better understand the needs of this community.  Our membership will consist of willing workers who  demonstrate their faith through their actions.

· The Custer Community Church will stand with oppressed peoples and persons, and be intentional about their inclusion in the life of the congregation and community.

· The Custer Community Church will continue and grow our congregation’s tradition of musical excellence.

     The Custer Community Church will be known for world-class, effective and efficient           church governance.



Verse of the Day

An Update on the Wider United Church of Christ

The fall meeting of the Black Hills Association was held in Belle Fourche on October 1st.  Representatives from each of the  churches in attendance took turns sharing what was happening in their respective congregations.  In Belle Fourche, they are  installing a new lift and organizing a visioning team.  First Congregational in Rapid City received a Genesis grant to fund the disabilities advocacy ministry of Ben Anderson, who was a speaker at a Dinner Church service at the Custer Community Church.  Hermosa is also putting in a new lift, and has its own backpack program.  In St. Onge, the women’s group has started back up, and they volunteered to work in the Spearfish food pantry three days a week for the entire month of September.  South Park UCC in Rapid City has built a community garden to serve the surrounding community with fresh, free produce.  They’re also providing clothing to low-income folks in the community.  Patty Aurand is back in the area, serving as a     hospital chaplain in Spearfish.  Gordon Rankin, the SD Conference Minister, was there to give a report on the conference.  Kerry Steever of Placerville gave a report on the camp.

At the special meeting of the conference that was held in            Chamberlain on October 14th, the vote was nearly unanimous to call Rev. Brigit Stevens to be the new South Dakota Conference Minister and, in turn, the Executive Conference Minister for the South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska conferences.

The national setting of the United Church of Christ has also just finished going through the process of creating new mission, vision, and purpose statements.  Their purpose statement comes from the Gospel of Matthew:  “To love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.”  Their vision statement is: “United in Christ's love, a just world for all.”  And their mission statement is: “United in Spirit and inspired by God's grace, we welcome all, love all, and seek justice for all.”