An Ecclesiastical Council for Mollie Ronge (daughter of Joe and Ruth Ronge) will be held at Spirit of Peace UCC

in Sioux Falls on July 23rd at 3:00 pm.  The Ecclesiastical Council has been called to approve Mollie for ordained ministry in the United Church of Christ!




Three Conferences; One Staff

At the 2016 annual meeting of the South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ, our delegates voted to accept a proposal to share a single conference staff between the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences.  On October 22nd, the Iowa Conference, which was the last of the three conferences to vote on this proposal, also approved the agreement.  So, it’s time to move forward!

The one-staff agreement is called formally called “A Covenant  Agreement for Tri-Conference Cooperation among the Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa Conferences of the United Church of Christ.”

What the agreement does is this:  First, it creates a Tri-Conference Executive Committee that will provide oversight for the conference staff that will be serving all three conferences.  This step has already been completed.  Second, it creates the position of an Executive Conference Minister who will serve as the leader of the conference staff.  A search committee has been established to begin searching for the new Executive Conference Minister.  Third, once the Executive Conference Minister has been selected by the search committee and called by all three conferences, he or she will, in consultation with the Tri-Conference Executive Committee, hire four Associate Conference Ministers.  One of these will be based in South Dakota, one in Nebraska, and two in Iowa.

What the agreement does not do:  It isn’t a merger of the three           conferences.  All three conferences will maintain separate boards of directors and separate budgets, although a portion of each conference’s budget will go into a common budget used to pay the conference staff.  Conference-wide missions, like Placerville Camp, will still be governed by the South Dakota Conference board of  directors.

If you have any questions about this, or are interested in becoming more involved in the wider United Church of Christ, please let me know.


Pastor Dustin