Sisters and Brothers,

There has been a lot going on, and a lot coming up this month.

On January 21st, our congregation held its annual meeting.  At the meeting, we received reports from the various coordinators, boards, and committees of the church.  We also amended the  bylaws to make the Website Coordinator position a staff position rather than a church council position, and we nominated and elected the new members of the church council.  Our new church council is:

Moderator – Paul Nettinga

Vice moderator – Barb Paulsen

Secretary – Pat Davenport

Christian Education – Haley Uphoff

Worship Coordinator – Jess Studt

Diaconate Coordinator – Ainsworth Hagen

Outreach Coordinator – Martha Schilling

Trustee Coordinator – Gary Lipp

The new council will be installed in worship on February 11th.

We also have good news (and more good news!) about the        Endowment Fund.  The good news is that we have raised just over $26,000 for the endowment!  This means that the growth and earnings of the Endowment Fund can now be used to help the church fund projects.  And the more good news is that we still have just over $1,400 available to match gifts, so your gifts to the Endowment Fund are still doubled!  Thanks to all of you who contributed to this capital campaign, and if you haven’t       given anything to the Endowment Fund yet, we hope you’ll consider making a gift so that we can get that last $1,400 in matching funds.

Finally, I want to remind folks that Lent starts this month.  We’ll have our Mardi Gras celebration on the 13th (which is also the Meet & Eat!) and Ash Wednesday services at 5:30 pm on February 14th (which is also Valentine’s Day!). 

Do you have a regular spiritual discipline associated with Lent?  Is there something you give up?  Something extra that you do?  The word “Lent” actually comes from an old English word that means “spring.”  Here’s to letting God bring some spiritual growth and greening to us during this holy season.

Rev. Dustin Bartlett