Sisters and Brothers,

Grace and Peace to you all in the name our Still speaking God.

You might remember hearing about our listening campaign a few months back.  If you didn’t hear about it (or if you forgot), here’s a quick recap:

We enlisted ten members of the Custer Community Church to interview other members of the congregation as well as civic and business leaders in the town of Custer.  Through those interviews, we’re trying to identify which ministries and missions that are working well, which ones aren’t, and if there might be new ministries and missions we should start in order to better serve our church members and our community.

Some of you have already been interviewed by one of listening campaign representatives.  Others of you will be interviewed over the next couple of months.  But most of you won’t be interviewed.  Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to sit down and have a one-on-one with every member of the church; we only have time to sample opinions.

But have no fear!  Everyone will have the chance to share their thoughts on the present and the future of the Custer Community Church.  We are planning a congregation-wide retreat for some time in September or October.  At that retreat, we’ll ask all of you for your input on designing new programs for the church, and on formulating a new mission statement that will guide the work of the church council for years to come.

So be thinking about it.  Where should we invest more of our limited resources?  Where should we invest fewer resources?  Are you passionate about something that you wish the church provided you an outlet for?  Are there people hurting in our community that you think we could help?

One of the greatest things about the United Church of Christ is that we are a democratic institution.  The beliefs of our members matter.  The concerns of our members need to be heard.  Not because this is our church.  It isn’t.  It’s Christ’s church.  But we need to hear from you so that you can tell us where you feel Christ is leading us.

Rev. Dustin Bartlett