Custer Community Church
                                             Choir Director Position Profile

Reports to:  Pastor
Supervises:  Choir members
Revised:  08/31/2017

The choir director will work collaboratively with the pastor in encouraging people of all ages, experience levels, and talents to participate in the Custer Community Church Choir, enhance the worship experience through musical ministry, and encourage spiritual growth through music.

Essential Functions

Coordinate music with the worship themes and liturgies by:

Meeting monthly to work with the pastor, accompanists, and other worship leaders to select anthems and other music for regular and special worship services
Selecting liturgically and technically appropriate music for performance
Communicating music selections and intended special music performances to the pastor and office administrator for inclusion in the worship bulletin

Provide leadership in several venues of musical expression, including:

Leading the choir during regular, weekly rehearsals
Leading the choir during public performances
Serving as the song leader during Sunday morning worship

Promote the Custer Community Church’s music ministry by encouraging members and friends to participate in the music ministry and to share their musical talents.

Support congregational singing by leading and teaching as necessary.

Administrative duties include:

Coordinating sanctuary practice time with the accompanists, Handbell Choir, Strummin’ Angels, and other groups.
Working collaboratively with the accompanists, Handbell Choir, Strummin’ Angels, and other music groups to efficiently use of the church’s limited music budget
Maintaining the choral music library in an organized fashion and selecting new music
Communicating with the office administrator in a timely manner (meeting deadlines) regarding music selections and planned performances
Attend scheduled meetings with the pastor, accompanists, and worship leaders as required

Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Be an experienced musician with interest and/or experience in church music.
Have experience participating in a vocal choir.

Physical Requirements

Able to conduct a group
Able to speak and be clearly understood in private conversations and group situations
Able to pass a background check

Core Competencies

Mission Support:  Shares in the mission and values of the Custer Community Church, expressing its openness and acceptance through the ministry of music.

Ministry, Not Performance:  Understands that the primary purpose of music in worship is to support and enhance the service and congregational singing. Has an enthusiastic commitment to the ministry of music and worship as a means of glorifying God and building up the congregants and visitors spiritually though musical selections whether secular or religious in nature.

Team Player with Self-Starter Abilities: Has the ability to think independently and work well on their own within the boundaries of a collaborative, team oriented environment.  This is demonstrated by planning and cooperation with music and other staff in order to enhance worship, staff relationships, and volunteers’ experience.

Management Skills & Organizational Skills: Is organized, motivated and is able to implement and execute ideas and plans in a timely manner.  Capable of long range planning and maintains an organized music calendar.  Responds appropriately to occasional musical requests.

Flexibility: Recognizes that for an effective ministry, there will be situations that call for totally different actions and responses than planned; changes course if necessary; does things that are different because they are needed.

Supports Diversity: Treats all people with respect; values diverse perspectives; provides a supportive choir environment for our diverse and intergenerational membership; shows sensitivity to individual differences; recognizes differences as opportunities to learn and gain by working together; values and encourages unique skills and talents; seeks and considers diverse perspectives and ideas. Holds others accountable in a spirit of love.

Negotiable, based on education and experience